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Why is this dialogue taking place?

The goal of the Advancing the National Apprenticeship System Online Dialogue is to assist the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) in gathering ideas from stakeholders on how to best frame future apprenticeship initiatives and funding opportunities that promote the optimal implementation of the apprenticeship model. DOL is seeking ideas for policies, practices, strategies and approaches that will further the reach and availability of inclusive apprenticeships and help address any barriers to their success. Discussions surrounding increased and equitable access to apprenticeship opportunities, pipelines of talented workers, resource allocation, and national, regional, and sector best practices all support a maximization of efforts that will strengthen the apprenticeship network. Ideas shared during the dialogue may also be used to inform future RA technical assistance, policy and programmatic operations for the National Apprenticeship System.

Why participate?

This dialogue is an opportunity to assist the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) in its understanding of what obstacles exist in the pursuit of inclusive apprenticeships and how to best support apprenticeship programs in order to ensure better employment outcomes for participants. The dialogue will help formulate future department programs and funding opportunities in order to create and improve resources for inclusive apprenticeship and support access by career seekers from diverse backgrounds. In addition, the information DOL gathers through this process will help shape the understanding of several key agencies within the department and better inform those agencies as they work to foster inclusive apprenticeships and support career paths for all job seekers.

Who should participate?

The ePolicyWorks' online dialogues are open to anyone interested in joining the conversation. For the Advancing the National Apprenticeship System Online Dialogue, we strongly encourage the participation of stakeholders from all parts of the apprenticeship ecosystem as well as those seeking more information on efforts to expand apprenticeships. This includes:

  • Past, current and aspiring apprentices
  • Apprenticeship sponsors
  • Employers
  • Labor organizations
  • Trade associations
  • Intermediary organizations
  • Workforce development practitioners
  • Social service providers
  • Educators
  • State apprenticeship agencies

Any organizations and stakeholders with information about registered apprenticeships, apprenticeship best practices, or insights around inclusive apprenticeships should also participate in this online dialogue and share their thoughts and ideas, as well as comment and vote on existing ideas.

How do I participate in this dialogue?

To participate in the Advancing the National Apprenticeship System Online Dialogue, please click Register Now or Log In. If you have any questions or require any technical assistance please contact: ePolicyWorks@dol.gov.